1) What is VIDEO-CALL.ME?
VIDEO-CALL.ME is a video call platform that allows service providers to charge their customer a per minute fee for live online consultations or lessons.

2) I am not confident at setting new things up, will someone be available to help?
Yes, full support in included with your account. Please contact our support team support@video-call.me and one of our onboarding experts will assist you.

3) As a service provider do I need a website?
No, you do not need a website to use VIDEO-CALL.ME. We provide you with a profile page that you can use to promote your service and we provide a button that you can share either through social media or on a blog.

4) What does it cost to use VIDEO-CALL.ME ?
When you register with VIDEO-CALL.ME you set your per minute rate and/or your prepaid package rates. Our fee is 10% of these rates. Our fee includes payment processing charges associated with either stripe or Paypal. There are no set-up fees or registration fees or hidden charges.

5) How do I charge my users?
Once you have set-up your per minute rate and/or your prepaid package fee, you then link to your paypal account and/or your stripe account. Your customers can then pay for your services using their VISA, Mastercard etc.

6) How and when do I get paid?
For “per minute calls” immediately after the call, our system calculates the call duration, applies your rate and charges your customer. You receive your payment immediately.

For scheduled appointments, the payment is taken when the slot is booked. Payment is immediately sent to your Paypal or Stripe account.

7) What do I need to sign-up to VIDEO-CALL.ME?
5 minutes, your stripe/paypal credentials and your VAT number if you have one.

8) Which browsers can I use?
Currently you can use Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. More will be available in the bery near future. Don’t forget to allow pop-ups and allow VIDEO-CALL.ME to access your Camera and Microphone.

9) Is this service secure?
Yes, the whole site uses the highest level of SSL encryption. Same as used by your bank.